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WWE Hogan’s Heroes bring down the Third Reich

2007, Feb 27th

Snap into a Slim Jim!

Robot Chicken’s Calvin & Hobbes Parody

2007, Feb 27th

This has got to be the closest things to a E! True Hollywood Story on Calvin if I’ve ever seen one. If it were true. Or, is it?…

My tiger’s a blood thirsty monster!

I’m in love, with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Biel

2007, Feb 27th

The Oscars are a great time to see beautiful women in gorgeous dresses. Usually, most of dressed for style, yet occasionally some dress for sex appeal. Like JLH and JB for instance. Both wore gorgeous dresses to their appearances and both were very distracting. How could any man have a conversation to their faces when they wear dresses like this? Alterior motive perhaps? Or maybe just teasing other with the fact they have better bodies than most. In an any case, who cares! Check them out like I did. Except you might be able to stop staring. I certainly can’t.

Click on the images for links to pages with the rest of the images.

JLH Oscar CleavageBiel Oscar Dress

Paquin Bites Into True Blood

2007, Feb 27th

Oscar winner Anna Paquin is making her first foray into series television as the lead in the vampire drama pilot True Blood, from Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball for HBO, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Ryan Kwanten and Sam Trammell have also been cast in the project, which Ball wrote and is set to direct and executive-produce.

Based on the Southern Vampire book series by Charlaine Harris, True Blood takes place in a world in which vampires can buy Japanese-made synthetic blood. Their integration into a small Louisiana town causes quite a stir, and a love story ensues between a vampire and Sookie Stackhouse (Paquin), an innocent waitress who can read people’s minds.

Kwanten will play the waitress’ brother. Trammell will play the owner of the restaurant where she works.

Paquin (the X-Men movies) won an Oscar in 1994 for her role in The Piano.


Comment: I don’t think I’d much care for tv show based on a genre (vampires) that’s been heavily over done in recent years except for the fact that the cutie Anna Paquin is in it. From what I know of her, she’s a girl you’d like to take home with you and make babies with. :P However, I don’t know her personally so I could be wrong. I only posted this article for the link I am providing of great images of her for all of you out there. ;) Enjoy!

Anna Paquin at

Eckhart Talks Knight’s Two-Face

2007, Feb 27th

Aaron Eckhart, who has been cast as Harvey Dent, aka “Two-Face,” in the upcoming Batman sequel film The Dark Knight, told that the conflicted character mirrors the Caped Crusader, played by Christian Bale. “Batman is a complex character, and Two-Face comes a little bit from the same world,” Eckhart told the site. “But [at the same time], he’s apart from it.”

“I’m looking for the tension between the two, the similarities between the two,” Eckhart added. “I want to find what’s similar to Batman, and then find what’s opposite to him.”

In the DC Comics on which the film is based, Dent is the Gotham City district attorney who is permanently scarred when a criminal throws sulfuric acid in his face, resulting in a burn that leaves the entire left side of his body mutilated beyond repair. Unable to cope with his deformity, Dent’s long-repressed anger surfaces, creating a split personality and a battle for his overall instincts. The Dark Knight opens in the summer of 2008.


Comment: I just hope they focus on the character of Two Face and not how he looks and acts like in Batman Forever. Harvey Dent is called Two Face because of his conflicting split personailty, not because half his face is scared or the outlandish character they portrayed him as in the previous movie.

Trek XI News Is Near

2007, Feb 27th

Paramount is expected to announce formally that J.J. Abrams will direct Star Trek XI, aiming for a Christmas 2008 release date, with a script by Abrams’ Mission: Impossible III co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, a source close to the production told SCI FI Wire. A draft script has been completed and submitted to the studio.

Contrary to reports on the Internet, no decisions have been made on the film’s budget, casting or production start date; all are subject to a final script being approved by the studio, said the source, who spoke to SCI FI Wire on condition of anonymity.

The news confirms a report over the weekend that appeared in The Hollywood Reporter. There has been no official news about the much-anticipated sequel, though rumors have persisted about its story—focusing on the early years of Capt. James T. Kirk and Spock at Starfleet Academy—and who may be under consideration for the coveted roles.

On Feb. 26, ported a rumor that Matt Damon was under consideration for the role of Kirk, Oscar winner Adrien Brody was being eyed to play Spock and Gary Sinise was being mulled to play Dr. Leonard McCoy. SCI FI Wire’s source discounted that report, saying that no decisions have been made.


Star Trek… on drugs

2007, Feb 25th

Don’t we all wish. However, Donnie Darko says, don’t listen to the Rabbit.

Not Kama Sutra, CARma Sutra

2007, Feb 25th

Carma Sutra‘s” 82 pages cover just about every conceivable concept of conceiving in a car. It covers the basics like avoiding gearshifts and seatbelts, but also goes into detail about the best (Lincoln Town Car, Volvo V70) and worst (Honda Insight, Ford GT) cars for these sorts of things. It doesn’t merely offer lists of cars, it gives detailed instructions (just like we asked for) on what goes where with helpful, easy to follow diagrams. Some positions look fairly easy (back of a limo) but others (motorcycle seat, a Miata, the aforementioned Insight) are only for the advanced and double-jointed. It might (it also might not) make a great Valentines’ Day gift for your fellow car lover. Oh, the most interesting position the book suggests? In the spacious trunk of the Ford 500. Maybe that’s why sales are picking up.


Welcome to the new world

2007, Feb 25th

Kudos to all those who enjoy posting things they come across on the web as much as I do. And definately Kudos to those who enjoy actually taking the time to read anyone and everyone’s blogs and websites. Really, where would the internet be without you?

A person, like me, can post anything and everything he wants, but really, why is it worth it without the people who take the time to read it. So, Kudos and Dittos to all the readers out there. Any reporter will tell you a writer cannot be anything without a reader.

Is marijuana really that bad? Bob Saget has an opinion.

2007, Feb 25th

I’d love to see this guy in person doing stand-up. I’ve missed him twice already up her in Kanada. I hope I catch him whenever he decides to visit once again. I hear he is quite good.

Robot Chicken’s Lil’ Hitler

2007, Feb 25th

Being a huge fan of Robot Chicken I just had to post this. One of my favorite skits for sure. Enjoy!

It’s not my problem!

Edited: Better video

Tyra Banks cops a feel on Katharine McPhee

2007, Feb 25th

Can I feel too?

Seal hunt foes get naked, dirty outside Canadian PM’s office

2007, Feb 25th

Naked animal rights activists braved frigid temperatures to protest Canada’s annual seal hunt, curling up in the snow outside Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office to make their point.

Three bare women soaked in red dye posed as slaughtered seals for almost an hour, attracting abashed glances from passers-by as strong winds pushed temperatures below minus 15 degrees Celsius (five degrees Fahrenheit).

“They’re very dedicated. They know that sometimes you have to go outside your comfort zone to raise awareness,” Matt Rice, a spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), told AFP.

“This slaughter is a stain on Canada’s reputation. It’s time the Canadian government finally end the hunt once and for all.”

The prime minister’s office had no immediate comment.

Last year, the hunt attracted protests from celebrities such as former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and his wife, Heather Mills McCartney; French film legend Brigitte Bardot; and Canadian-born actress and former Playboy model Pamela Anderson.

But their protests have largely been ignored by Ottawa, which authorized the cull of 325,000 seals in 2006.

Canadian officials, including Harper, have rebuked the naysayers previously, claiming the hunt is humane and does not threaten the species.

Local supporters of the commercial hunt, meanwhile, have lamented the arrival each March or April of dozens of activists and celebrities to criticize the hunt.


Hockey goalie drops pants and moons crowd during game

2007, Feb 25th

A University of Southern California hockey goalie put on a show, but it had nothing to do with stopping shots. Mickey Meyer rode his stick like a horse, dropped his bulky pants, mooned the crowd and slapped his buttocks during a game against Brigham Young University, police said.

He was ejected and ticketed for lewdness, a misdemeanor, after an officer who was working security at the rink said he witnessed the scene Saturday.

“I had my fill of these refs,” Meyer said on an Internet broadcast of the game, according to The Herald-Journal of Logan.

It will be up to prosecutors whether to pursue a case against him.

“This is a small town,” North Park police Sgt. John Italasano said. “This was a college team playing and hockey’s a wild game. Sometimes things get out of hand.”

Meyer’s antics occurred while play was stopped and referees were trying to sort out penalties in the third period of a consolation game in the ACHA West Regional tournament at Eccles Ice Center.

The junior from Clinton, N.Y., was “riding his hockey stick like a horse and slapping his butt,” North Park Officer Mike Stauffer said in a report.

After pulling down his pants, Meyer slapped his bare bottom several times, Stauffer said.


N.Y. man who was fired for visiting adult chat room at work sues IBM for $5 million

2007, Feb 25th

A man who was fired by IBM for visiting an adult chat room at work is suing the company for $5 million, claiming he is an Internet addict who deserves treatment and sympathy rather than dismissal.

James Pacenza, 58, of Montgomery, says he visits chat rooms to treat traumatic stress incurred in 1969 when he saw his best friend killed during an Army patrol in Vietnam.

In papers filed in federal court in White Plains, Pacenza said the stress caused him to become “a sex addict, and with the development of the Internet, an Internet addict.” He claimed protection under the American with Disabilities Act.

His lawyer, Michael Diederich, says Pacenza never visited pornographic sites at work, violated no written IBM rule and did not surf the Internet any more or any differently than other employees. He also says age discrimination contributed to IBM’s actions. Pacenza, 55 at the time, had been with the company for 19 years and says he could have retired in a year.

If it goes to trial, the case could affect how employers regulate Internet use that is not work-related, or how Internet overuse is categorized medically. Stanford University issued a nationwide study last year that found that up to 14% of computer users reported neglecting work, school, families, food and sleep to use the Internet.

The study’s director, Dr. Elias Aboujaoude, said then that he was most concerned about the numbers of people who hid their non-essential Internet use or used the Internet to escape a negative mood, much in the same way that alcoholics might.


Gym lets members get buff in the buff

2007, Feb 25th

For those who want to be really buff, a Dutch gym is introducing training sessions for nudists.

The Sunday morning sessions were added by popular demand and “anyone who shows up just to ogle will be thrown out,” said gym manager Patrick de Man in the town of Heteren.

“This is a special session for naturists, and we will be very strict in enforcing this,” he said.

The “nudifit” sessions, which will begin on March 4, have attracted a strong response — both negative and positive, he said.

Staff, who will remain clothed during the sessions, will pay special attention to hygiene, ensuring clients cover machinery and bikes with towels or disposable covers, he added.


It’s payback time for some peep show owners

2007, Feb 25th

Romeo, Romeo, where are your clothes, Romeo?

An Amsterdam judge has ruled that peep shows — where sex workers performing strip shows and explicit acts can be watched from booths — are a form of theater and club owners are therefore entitled to a hefty tax break.

“Admitting customers to peep shows is equivalent to admitting them to a theater performance,” an Amsterdam Appeals Court judge wrote in a ruling late last month that was made public Tuesday. “The erotic character of the performance does not diminish that.”

The national daily De Telegraaf reported that owners of peep shows could receive thousands of dollars back as a result of the ruling.

“Working in a peep show is very labor intensive, so it’s great if you have to pay less tax,” Andre van Dorst, of an association of Dutch sex club owners, told De Telegraaf.


Not so Small Talk. Her breasts are more firm than yours!

2007, Feb 25th

One of my favorite videos from YouTube.

World’s hottest chili pepper a mouthful for prof

2007, Feb 25th

Paul Bosland recalls taking a bite of a chili pepper and feeling like he was breathing fire. He gulped down a soda, thinking, “That chili has got to be some kind of record.”

The Guinness World Records agreed, confirming recently that Bosland, a regents professor at New Mexico State University, had discovered the world’s hottest chili pepper, Bhut Jolokia, a naturally occurring hybrid native to the Assam region of northeastern India.

The name translates as ghost chili, Bosland said.

“We’re not sure why they call it that, but I think it’s because the chili is so hot, you give up the ghost when you eat it,” he said.

Bhut Jolokia comes in at 1,001,304 Scoville heat units, a measure of hotness for a chili. It is nearly twice as hot as Red Savina, the variety it replaces as the hottest.

By comparison, a New Mexico green chili contains about 1,500 Scoville units; an average jalapeno measures at about 10,000.


Rachel Bilson’s sex chat

2007, Feb 25th

Our very own Dr Love could be put out of a job… Rachel Bilson’s challenging him to the title.

And apparently it runs in the family…

She told US mag, Your Look: “My mom’s a sex therapist, so she’s great at talking about relationships.

“She knew the day after I lost my virginity.

“Oh, yeah. She started talking to me about sex. She said, ‘It happened last night, didn’t it?’

“I was like, ‘How did you do that?’ She did the whole mom thing, of course: Use condoms, etc. Weird, but helpful.”

Her mother’s sexual knowledge has obviously rubbed off on Rachel. She has some of her own pearls of sexual wisdom to share…

For one thing, she’s learnt this about blokes: “They have different body parts.”

She also suggested a trick for telling whether he’s the one: “If you’re scared he’s going to try and kiss you, it’s probably not right.

“If you really want him to kiss you, he’s the guy.”

Well, she’s blown our minds with her impressive insight.

But she ain’t that keen to chat about everything: “I don’t talk about my break-up with Adam,” she said about her split last year with her The OC co-star Adam Brody.

“I don’t want the world to know everything. It feels awkward. Invasive.”

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