Free rent for sex in New York

Wealthy New Yorkers are advertising rent-free rooms to women in exchange for sexual favours.

The New York Daily News reports the trend and lists a number of ads on the popular website.

One, entitled “Take Care of My Needs and Live Rent Free”, offers: “All you have to do is take care of all my urges, and I’ll let you live in a one-bedroom apartment I own rent free.”

Another ad reads: “All I am looking for is an attractive, playful, and submissive woman who is uninhibited to my proposal… substituting rent for sexual encounters.”

In the posting, the 33-year-old man living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, adds that the room comes with a TV, DVD player, internet-ready computer and a phone line.

“I don’t need the rent but would like to fill it up with a woman who would love to show her appreciation for my generosity,” he wrote.

But Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne warned that the advertisements amounted to prostitution.

“It is illegal to trade or solicit sex for monetary consideration or other consideration,” he said.

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