Germany’s Big Brother features lesbian kisses

Germany’s Big Brother TV show, which started at the weekend, has featured lesbian sex, a woman having an orgasm in the bath and kinky spanking scenes in a sauna.

On Monday night viewers got more than they bargained for after tuning into the RTL2 channel. The show started off with female contestants Jeannine and Franzi drinking a bottle of sparkling wine to loosen inhibitions.

Jeannine then announced she wanted sex, saying “I don’t care with who”, before playing with 24-year-old Franzi in the sauna. Then she switched to bald-headed, Jerry, who jumped into a whirlpool bath with the pair of them before another contestant, Achim, got involved.

There was spanking, massaging, lots of groaning and even oral sex. At one point in a bedroom Jeannine cried out with pleasure as male contestant Mark joined in. There were also lesbian kisses between Franzi and Jeannine. Jeannine said at one point: “Your kisses are sweet like chocolate mousse.”

Endemol, the production company, had no regrets. Producer Rainer Laux said: “Sex is a positive thing. It shows they are having a good time.”

One viewer who called the channel to complain said: “And this was only the edited version. I thought I had tuned into a porno channel by mistake.”

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