Not Kama Sutra, CARma Sutra

Carma Sutra‘s” 82 pages cover just about every conceivable concept of conceiving in a car. It covers the basics like avoiding gearshifts and seatbelts, but also goes into detail about the best (Lincoln Town Car, Volvo V70) and worst (Honda Insight, Ford GT) cars for these sorts of things. It doesn’t merely offer lists of cars, it gives detailed instructions (just like we asked for) on what goes where with helpful, easy to follow diagrams. Some positions look fairly easy (back of a limo) but others (motorcycle seat, a Miata, the aforementioned Insight) are only for the advanced and double-jointed. It might (it also might not) make a great Valentines’ Day gift for your fellow car lover. Oh, the most interesting position the book suggests? In the spacious trunk of the Ford 500. Maybe that’s why sales are picking up.


One Response to “Not Kama Sutra, CARma Sutra”

  1. Lola Says:

    Oh. my. God. That’s wonderful! I know some people (including me) who may use this book to help decide what sort of car to NOT get their teenager… :-D

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