Rachel Bilson’s sex chat

Our very own Dr Love could be put out of a job… Rachel Bilson’s challenging him to the title.

And apparently it runs in the family…

She told US mag, Your Look: “My mom’s a sex therapist, so she’s great at talking about relationships.

“She knew the day after I lost my virginity.

“Oh, yeah. She started talking to me about sex. She said, ‘It happened last night, didn’t it?’

“I was like, ‘How did you do that?’ She did the whole mom thing, of course: Use condoms, etc. Weird, but helpful.”

Her mother’s sexual knowledge has obviously rubbed off on Rachel. She has some of her own pearls of sexual wisdom to share…

For one thing, she’s learnt this about blokes: “They have different body parts.”

She also suggested a trick for telling whether he’s the one: “If you’re scared he’s going to try and kiss you, it’s probably not right.

“If you really want him to kiss you, he’s the guy.”

Well, she’s blown our minds with her impressive insight.

But she ain’t that keen to chat about everything: “I don’t talk about my break-up with Adam,” she said about her split last year with her The OC co-star Adam Brody.

“I don’t want the world to know everything. It feels awkward. Invasive.”

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