Want A Beer? Reach For The Fridge Catapult

Fridge Catapult

For couch potatoes, it is the perfect invention — a fridge that catapults cold cans of beer to lazy drinkers.

U.S. inventor John Cornwell had his eureka moment when sitting on the sofa having a few beers as you do.

“I thought ‘What if instead of me going to get the beer, the beer came to me?” the 22-year-old graduate from Duke University in North Carolina said on his Web site..

So he invented a fully automated, remote-controlled, catapulting, beer-launching mini-fridge. It holds 10 beers with 14 more in reserve to store a full case.

The fridge is activated by a remote control which starts off a lift mechanism in the fridge.

The beer gets hurled to the grateful drinker who can then sit back and relax, enjoying a full “cartridge” of 24 beers from the fridge before having to stir from the sofa.

Viewers wanting to watch the perfect beer in flight can see the invention on www.metacafe.com.


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