The Worst Films

Whether they’re “so bad they’re good,” or simply fascinating displays of ineptitude in filmmaking, there’s a lot to be said for the pale, fleshy underbelly of the movies — and we’ve said a lot here (the site’s called Rotten Tomatoes, after all). Most of it’s rather unkind, but no one really believes that stuff about saying something nice or saying nothing at all, right?

With the trusty Tomatometer as our guide, we’ve plowed through 100 of the rankest, foulest, most misbegotten movies to hit the multiplex in recent memory. But bad films can often be their own reward; whether you’re looking for a howlingly bad time, or just looking for a list of what not to watch, ever, we’re here to help.

We’ve got the worst of some of Hollywood’s best (Robert DeNiro, Forest Whitaker, Halle Berry, and Diane Keaton all make appearances). We’ve got movies that were considered so toxic by studios that they weren’t screened for critics (“Stay Alive,” “Epic Movie”). We’ve got two “Baby Geniuses” and three Uwe Boll flicks. Heck, you know these movies must be bad if “Catwoman” ranks a lofty number 100. It’s time to break out the stale popcorn and flat soda and tear into the Worst of the Worst!

The Worst Of The Worst Pictures

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