87 Excuses For Not Doing Your Homework

Homework. The bane of any student’s existence. Homework anchors your ship of happiness and freedom while your friends all sail out to socialize. How do they get away with it? Some of them are geniuses. Some of them know how to manage their time so they can have fun. If you aren’t in one of those two groups, you’re stuck along with 90 percent of the population cursing your teachers until a deadline forces you to get to work.

The good news is that becoming a genius or learning time management aren’t your only options. Sometimes it’s okay to delay your homework. Most of the time you’re not going to really get anything done until that pressure starts up. So get over the guilt of procrastination. If it doesn’t get done, all you have to deal with is the fallout.

Honestly, the fewer excuses you have to make in life, the more productive you are. This list isn’t for those people. This list is for the glorious slackers out there who need a dose of anti-motivation to deal with the guilt of not upholding responsibility.

Now for the skills session. Homework excuses come in two varieties. The excuses you make to convince yourself not to do homework, and the excuses you tell other people to explain why you didn’t do your homework.

The list of examples is broken down by category. I would have broken it into two distinct parts, excusing to self and excusing to others, but my page break function wasn’t working quite right, the heat broke in my apartment last night, and there is this infernal ringing in my ears, I just couldn’t beat it all…

Teachers can freely republish this article (with a proper backlink of course) to show their students that they’re already savvy to all the excuses in the Ferris Bueller wannabe’s playbook.

Here are the categories:

* Animals
* Fear
* Internet
* Legal
* Legitimate
* Miscellaneous
* Noble
* Political
* Religious
* Seasonal
* Subject-By-Subject

Read the rest of the article and their reasons at JobProfiles.

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