Man Accused Of Leaving Sex DVDs On Vehicles

Resentment and jealousy can drive someone to do the unthinkable.

That’s how police explain the actions of a Chesterfield County man accused of leaving copies of a homemade sex DVD on vehicle windshields along Hull Street Road this week.

The DVDs contain intimate moments between 33-year-old David H. Feltmeyer and his former girlfriend. He made numerous copies of the sex-play on his home computer, then randomly distributed them on cars, police said.

Even worse, the DVDs included the former girlfriend’s name, address and phone number. That prompted men to begin calling the woman or showing up at her house, police say.

“This is an odd case, no doubt. I think he was trying to do her some harm because she is no longer in a relationship with him,” said Chesterfield police Capt. Karl Leonard, who noted they had broken up about a year ago.

“The video was made unbeknownst to her at least over a year ago,” Leonard added. “It really was a private, intimate moment that he exploited and recorded without her knowledge.”

The victim is now in a new relationship, police said. She declined through police to talk with The Times-Dispatch about this week’s events.

Feltmeyer, of the 3300 block of Old Courthouse Road, was arrested Thursday and charged with one felony count and one misdemeanor count of using a computer to “carry out the production of obscene exhibition.” He also was charged with two misdemeanor counts of “knowingly producing an obscene exhibition.”

Leonard said people have been finding copies of the DVD on their vehicle windshields along the Hull Street Road corridor from Spring Run Road to the Chattanooga Plaza shopping center near Warbro Road.

So far, two have been recovered by police.

Continue reading the article over at Times Dispatch.

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