Man’s Mistress Ordered To Compensate Wife

Kuala Lumpur – A Malaysian court has ordered a woman to pay compensation to her lover’s ex-wife, ruling that she had caused the breakdown of their marriage.

In a ruling that drew immediate fire from women’s groups, the Court of Appeal ordered the 44-year-old mistress to pay 10,000 ringgit (1,500 pounds) in damages to the former wife of her lover, a dentist, the New Straits Times said on Friday.

The court also ordered the dentist, 61, to pay damages and maintenance to his ex-wife, a 59-year-old retired teacher. Women’s groups questioned whether the mistress should be held responsible at all for the breakdown of the marriage.

“It is obvious there is distress and a great sense of betrayal when a wife discovers her husband is unfaithful, but also of concern is what role the ex-husband played as he is primarily responsible for breach of contract,” Women’s Aid Organisation head Ivy Josiah told the New Straits Times.

Under a 30-year-old law, a court can order a third-party to pay compensation if it finds a marriage has broken down due to an adulterous affair, but such rulings have been rare.


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