Batman Gets Lego Treatment

Batman Logo

I find this totally cool. Being a fan of Legos most of my life I certainly enjoy it when the company decides to base their little Lego men on various themes. Usally the theme is quite interesting as they tend not to do just any old theme. Mostly they are based on movies, timelines, or on current culture. But when an enthusiast gets ahold of their own collections of Legos, their imaginations run rampant. I just found out from the SciFiWire article that the Lego pc game creators will be making their own creation of a Batman themed Lego pc game. I certainly did enjoy the Stars Wars themed games as they had a certain entertainment value to them and I hope their future themed video games are just as enjoyable. :)

“Warner Brothers has signed a licensing deal to produce a new game featuring Batman in Lego form, Variety reported. Lego Batman will be published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and developed by TT Games, the company behind the two successful Lego Star Wars games.

Similar to Lego Star Wars and its sequel, which both sold several million units in the U.S. alone, Lego Batman will be a family-friendly game featuring the characters from DC’s Batman comics made out of the famous toy bricks. Warner will release it in 2008 on multiple consoles.”

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