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Thief Betrays Himself To Get Free Beer

2007, Apr 30th

Homer DrunkBerlin – A German phone thief led police right to his front door when they called the stolen mobile to say he had won some free beer and he willingly gave his address.

“An officer called and said, ‘You’ve won a crate of beer’,” said a spokesman for police in the eastern town of Neustrelitz Friday.

“Then he asked where he lived so he could drop the beer off, and the guy told him. I think the man was drunk.”


Porn Slipped Into Washington U Time Capsule

2007, Apr 30th

SEATTLE – There were a few surprises for the University of Washington’s Class of 1957 when they opened a time capsule sealed 50 years ago.

Among audiotapes and copies of the yearbook and school newspaper were 1980s-era porn, a condom and some dirty underwear.

Alumni opened the capsule earlier this week in preparation for a public unveiling Saturday during a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the university’s communications program. The capsule had been placed in an interior wall of the then-new Communications Building in 1957.

The capsule is being replaced by another created by a student-faculty team.

“The good news is that all the things that were in there are still there,” said Jerry Baldasty, chairman of the Department of Communication. “The interesting news is that some other things were added.”

There aren’t any suspects in the case. But it was located outside the offices of The Daily – the campus newspaper – and it’s assumed someone from the paper was responsible for the revisionism, said communication alumni and development manager Victoria Sprang.

The new capsule will be filled with digital media with a focus on “communication from a global perspective,” said Coma Te, a senior among six students who created the new capsule.


Single Guy Outsources To Find Dates

2007, Apr 30th

It sounds like a bad beer commercial, but this is what the world of outsourcing has come to.

Tim Ferriss, a San Jose man who is a big believer in contracting out life’s little tasks, has successfully outsourced his dating life.

Think about it: Why should anyone spend hours embellishing his profile on when there are overseas contractors willing to handle the grunt work for him?

“I’ve been experimenting quite a lot over the past two years or so with personal outsourcing,” he says, “outsourcing your life.”

Hey, it works for business.

It was only after careful reflection and deep thought that Ferriss turned his relationship spade work over to contractors. OK, actually he did it after a buddy bet him there was no way in the world dating could be outsourced.


Don LaFontaine, the deep voice behind the movie trailers

2007, Apr 29th

Very cool video about the guy who creates the voices behind the movie trailers we all see on the tv. This would definately be a fun job to have. ;)

Johnny Cash – Hurt

2007, Apr 29th

Johnny Cash’s final video, his cover of the Nine Inch Nails song ‘Hurt’

Nine Inch Nails video, the original of the Nine Inch Nails song ‘Hurt’

Barrymore Tops People’s Most Beautiful List

2007, Apr 29th

According to The Associated Press, Drew Barrymore has snagged the top spot in People magazine’s annual list of ‘100 Most Beautiful People’. The 32-year-old 50 First Dates actress reveals her secret to beauty as she states, ‘Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness.’ This is Barrymore’s fourth time appearing on the prestigious list, but it is only her first time to top the chart. Also gracing the magazine with their appearance are Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Halle Berry.

People’s Most Beautiful People 2007

Robot Chicken: Star Wars Details

2007, Apr 27th

Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken” travels to a galaxy far, far away to create an all “Star Wars”-themed special. Premiering on June 17, “Robot Chicken: Star Wars” brazenly combines the satirical sensibilities of Seth Green and Matthew Senreich’s (Stoopid Monkey Productions) “Robot Chicken” with the unforgettable moments and favorite characters of the “Star Wars” universe — among them, its creator himself, George Lucas. Transformed into the stop-motion animated characters that are the hallmark of Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken,” and in conjunction with ShadowMachine Films (Alex Bulkley/Corey Campodonicos), the “Star Wars” galaxy takes on an entirely different attitude.

“The special is a funny and ironic take on the ‘Star Wars’ universe,” says Green. “We’re thrilled to be able to collaborate with Lucasfilm Ltd. and to have fun with the very property that shaped our sensibilities.”

“It’s a cliché to say but this is a dream come true,” says Senreich. “How many people can say that George Lucas let them play with his entire ‘Star Wars’ universe and do ‘Robot Chicken’-like things to it?”

In addition to the ultimate get of having George Lucas himself voice his stop-motion animated likeness for the special, other noteworthy voice actors include Conan O’Brien, Seth MacFarlane, Malcolm McDowell, Hulk Hogan, James Van Der Beek, Robert Smigel, Donald Faison, Abraham Benrubi, Breckin Meyer and Joey Fatone.

“We were big fans of the work that Matt and Seth had done, so when they approached us with the idea to make a Robot Chicken episode dedicated to ‘Star Wars’ we were really enthusiastic about it,” says Tom Warner, Senior Director of Marketing for Lucasfilm Ltd. “They caught the human and fun side of ‘Star Wars’ and put an entirely different spin on it. We think ‘Star Wars’ fans are really going to enjoy it.”

“Robot Chicken: Star Wars” was created and executive produced by Green and Senreich under their own Stoopid Monkey Productions, in conjunction with Alex Bulkley and Corey Campodonico’s ShadowMachine Films. The special is directed by Green. The duo also executive produce, write and direct the series, with Green providing many of the voices in the special and the series, which begins its third season later this year.


Beer ‘Stripped’ Off The Shelves

2007, Apr 26th

A Belgian lager with a risque marketing strategy has been stripped from sale.

Bottles of Rubbel Sexy Lager featured a picture of a woman with a removable swimsuit on the label.

Drinkers could scratch her clothes off to leave her naked, reports Sky News.

Alcohol industry regulator the Portman Group has ruled the name of the drink and the scantily-clad model could lead drinkers to associate the product with sexual success.

The group had received a complaint from trading standards officers in Buckinghamshire.

The lager is produced by Brouwerij Huyghe and had been imported to the UK by Beer Paradise Ltd. It has now been withdrawn from sale.

David Poley, the boss of the Portman Group, told The Publican newspaper: “Some people might think this is harmless fun but there is a serious issue involved.

“The industry has set itself strict marketing rules and this drink has fallen short of those high standards.”


Girls Outdo Guys At Ogling

2007, Apr 26th

Women are worse oglers than men – despite the widespread belief they are less physically focused.

Scientists used eye-tracking technology to pinpoint what people looked at when shown a series of sexy photos, reports The Sun.

They expected women to be more interested in faces and men in the naughty bits – but it was the other way round.

Dr Heather Rupp of the US-based Kinsey Institute said: “Men looked at the female face much more than women and both looked at the genitals comparably.”


Porn Stars Protest Porn Tax

2007, Apr 26th

Sacramento, CA — Porn stars bared their feelings about a proposed “porn tax” Monday at California’s capitol.

The adult-entertainment performers joined Mary Carey, who has been featured in more than 60 XXX films, and has also run for governor twice, to protest the tax.

The fee on live dancers, videos, DVDs and men’s clubs would support an “adult entertainment venue impact fund.”

Opponents say it would drive customers away from California’s $3 to $4 billion a year adult industry.


Escort Agency Launches Virgin Service For Geeks

2007, Apr 26th

A Dutch escort agency is launching a special virgin service for computer geeks.

Sociology student Zoe Vialet, who set up Society Service last year, says she has had a lot of demand from virgins.

She says most of them work in the IT sector and added: “They are very sweet but are afraid of seeking contact with other people. They mean it very well but are very scared.

“Every booking lasts three hours minimum. Longer is possible, shorter not. We take the time to take a bath together, do a massage and explore each others body.

“When the date is over, you will have had a fantastic experience, and you will be able to pleasure a woman.”

Zoe and her colleague Marieke have specially trained five girls to look after the needs of virgins, reports De Telegraaf.

She added: “You better practise before having a girlfriend. Woman expect men older than 30 having had some experience.

“Some men need a little bit of help. But it makes them happy and they are glowing .There is nothing more terrible than dying as a virgin.”


Family Guy: A Long History Of Star Wars References

2007, Apr 24th

Found this Family Guy video clip over at Gorillamask with reference to the many times the show has used a Star Wars parody. It’s a humorous and entertaining view.

Man’s Wives Have No Sense Of Humor

2007, Apr 23rd

Riyadh – A Saudi man lost a bit of his nose in a joint assault by his two wives after he jokingly threatened to marry a third woman.

Judaie Ibn Salem had thought his threat would help resolve an argument over dividing up his house.

“I swore that I would do it because … they were impolite and that’s when I came under an even bigger attack,” Ibn Salem told Shams newspaper after having seven stitches inserted.

“I never realized they would get so worked up. But the only way to restore my dignity is really to take a third wife.

“I don’t know what I’m going to lose next if I do that.”

Islamic law allows men to take up to four wives and polygamy is not unusual in the conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam.


China Law Blind To Nude Web Chats

2007, Apr 23rd

Beijing – Chinese prosecutors have dropped a case against a housewife who organized online chats in the nude, after discovering there was no basis in law to bring charges, state media reported on Wednesday.

The 36-year-old woman, surnamed Li, had been charged with “organizing pornographic activities” for using a Web cam to chat with people on the Internet in the buff and for organizing online chats for nudists.

But law officers investigating the case found that nude chat rooms were not defined in China’s pornography laws, an oversight the official Xinhua news agency described as a legal “blind spot.”

“Under existing laws, it is inappropriate to treat this as a criminal offence,” Xinhua quoted a prosecutor in the western Beijing district of Shijinshan as saying.

The Shijinshan district court found there was little legal basis for the charge and turned down the case, forcing prosecutors to withdraw the charge.

Once nearly wiped out under the puritanical rule of Mao Zedong, pornography is now readily available in China despite periodic government campaigns against it.

Last week, the public security ministry announced a new campaign against Internet pornography, saying it had “contaminated cyberspace and perverted China’s young minds.”


Love At First Bite

2007, Apr 23rd

Jerusalem – An Israeli woman accidentally bit off part of her boyfriend’s tongue during a heated French kiss, an Israeli hospital that reattached the tongue said Thursday.

Nahariya Hospital said in a statement the man, injured while “passionately kissing his girlfriend,” was discharged after the operation and advised to sip iced drinks and “avoid wet kisses” until the stitched wound healed.


Marijuana Lab Explosion Injures Man

2007, Apr 23rd

Miami – An explosion set fire to a Miami house being used to grow marijuana hydroponically on Wednesday and the force of the blast sent the occupant flying into the yard, police said.

The man, identified by police as Edel Mesa, 40, was badly burned on the chest, arms and legs and was in critical condition at a trauma hospital, investigators said.

“The house was pretty much destroyed,” said Miami-Dade Police Detective Carlos Maura.

Firefighters extinguished the flames and called police, who seized more than 40 marijuana plants from the home, police said.

Arson investigators were trying to determine the cause of the explosion, but police said the man may have been using propane gas near the high-intensity lamps used to grow the plants indoors.

Police said Mesa was not immediately charged with a crime because of his injuries.


The Beautiful Kristanna Loken

2007, Apr 23rd

Kristanna is in a new SciFi original show this summer based off of a comic, entitled Painkiller Jane. I’ve seen a couple of episodes and it’s not that bad, but I am more interesting in eyeing up the beautiful Kristanna then anything else. Here is some information and pictures to enjoy.

  • Born: 8 October 1979, Ghent, New York, USA
  • Her height is 5′ 11″ (1.80 m).
  • Loken is a vegetarian, an (occasional) smoker and a proud bisexual woman.
  • Her bust was 34B before her breast implants.
  • Kristanna is not a natural blonde.
  • She enjoys baseball, photography, reading and dancing.
  • Kristanna has a sister, Tanya Loken who is 16 years older than Kristanna. Tanya studied Drama and being a therapist.
  • Some of her favourite movies are: The English Patient, Full Metal Jacket & Apocalypse Now (full redux version).
  • Kristanna took a mime class to prepare for her role in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003). Because her character has so few lines, Kristanna had to learn to communicate through facial expressions and body gestures.

Kristanna Loken Desktop Wallpapers at SexyDesktop

Painkiller Jane tv show at

Kristanna Loken’s movie career at IMDb






The Most Frustrating Super Mario Mod Ever

2007, Apr 22nd

I was going to post a comment on this hilarious gameplay video but I could not come up with anything better than what Quixoticals wrote on their page with regards to this video clip.

“Words cannot express the agony I feel as the fellow playing this game time and time again succumbs to death. Yet, I must laugh. The invisible coin block is just too much. The player was lining up to jump and then when he finally gets some air — BLAMMO! — he meets his fate.

I give him props, though, for sheer tenacity and stubbornness. If it was me, I’d just shut the damn thing off and move on to something else.”

Quixoticals Super Mario Mod Gameplay Video Clip

Scarlett Johansson Will Not Be Nude Anytime Soon

2007, Apr 22nd

Life Style Extra (UK) – Scarlett Johansson is insisting on a no-nudity clause in all her movie contracts.

The curvaceous 22-year-old is determined to be seen as a serious actress and now won’t commit to any role without the clause.

A source is quoted by Britain’s Daily Express newspaper as saying: “Scarlett is still very young and is aware the roles she takes are going to set out where her career as an actress takes her in the future.

“She doesn’t want to fall into being too controversial or too trashy so nude scenes are out for now.”

However, Scarlett may have to rethink her naked stance if she lands the role of adult film superstar Jenna Jameson in a movie about her life.

The ‘Lost In Translation’ star has reportedly been singled out by the X-rated actress to play her in a film movie adaptation of her autobiography ‘How To Make Love Like A Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale’.

Jenna said: “We’re looking at Scarlett Johansson. She’s my choice. I think she’s beautiful.”

Scarlett is also said to be very keen on the role and is even hoping it could pave the way for Oscar glory.


Jenna Fischer Breast Groping Video From Blades of Glory

2007, Apr 22nd


Egotastic has the best video clip that I’ve seen in a while. :-)~

Direct link added for those who can view .flv videos.

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