Natalie Portman Is Not Averse To A Lesbian Fling

Washington – Actress Natalie Portman wouldn’t mind embarking on a lesbian relationship, for the simple reason that she doesn’t want to disconnect herself from half of the world population.

The ‘Star Wars’ star said that she doesn’t understand why anyone would want to cut off from 50 percent of the people.

“Why would you close yourself off from 50 per cent of people,” Contactmusic quoted Portman, as saying.

The actress added that she hasn’t tried dating a woman, and that a relationship is all about the person one falls in love with.

“I’ve never dated a woman or anything like it, but I think it’s much more about the person you fall in love with,” she added.


One Response to “Natalie Portman Is Not Averse To A Lesbian Fling”

  1. imtheotherdave Says:

    Good news. I’d like to see a “sex tape” of that!

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