Polish Party Posts Nude Posters For Upcoming Election

Poland Political PartyWarsaw – A new Polish women’s political party risks shocking the majority Catholic country by plastering nude posters of their female candidates for the upcoming October 21 parliamentary election.

Seven women, including Women’s Party (Partia Kobiet, PK) founder and president, writer Manuela Gretkowska, have launched their campaign with nude posters of themselves with the logo “The Party of Women. Poland is a Woman” masking their private parts.

The poster also incorporates their electoral slogan: “Everything for the future… and nothing to hide.”

“This poster is intended to shatter stereotypes in the anachronistic world of politics, which is more often dominated by uncommunicative men with their black tie outfits,” Gretkowska told AFP.

“We are beautiful, nude, proud. We are true and sincere, body and soul. This is not pornography, there is nothing to see in terms of sex, our faces are intelligent, concerned, proud. We do not have our mouths open nor our eyes closed,” she said.

“All that interests us is the future, the position of women in society. We will open the archives of the former secret communist agents, we will make known their corrupt affairs,” said Gretkowska.

The pursuit of former communist secret police agents and the business of corruption has remained at the heart of Polish political life since the twin brothers Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski came to power in 2005.

Founded at the beginning of the year, the Women’s Party has 1,500 members today. Many party members include female celebrities, such as actress Krystyna Janda or women’s boxing champion Agnieszka Rylik.

“The last debate launched by the League of Polish Families (LPR) regarding stiffening of the anti-abortion law is the straw that broke the camel’s back,” said Gretkowska, regarding her decision to enter the political arena.

According to the latest poll made on September 16 by the TNS OBOP Institute, the Women’s Party received three percent of voter’s intentions, less than the five percent needed to hold a seat in parliament.

“It’s a good result, with room to grow,” she said.


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2 Responses to “Polish Party Posts Nude Posters For Upcoming Election”

  1. Partia Kobiet » Jinov svet Says:

    […] da ne znam poljsko! – tukaj sem našel prevod: Vse za prihodnost in nič za skrivati. Zgoraj piše še Poljska je ženska. Da, […]

  2. osmacht Says:

    Yikes, don’t tell Hillary Clinton

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