Girl’s Party Leaves Dog In Coma

A BRITISH teenager has made Corey Worthington look like an amateur after her internet advertised party got so out of hand her dog was comatose and her house completely trashed.15-year-old Gemma Anscomb told her parents she was having a few friends around for a video night. But instead she had advertised a party on social networking site Bebo and invited everyone she knew.

When Robert and Julia Anscomb arrived home the next day they found their dog Bailey unconscious. He had overdosed on ecstasy tablets. Their dining room floor was covered in four inches of beer, their lap-tops, iPods and jewellery had been stolen and they found handcauffs and underwear in their eight-year-old daughter’s bedroom.

Mrs Anscomb told the Daily Mail : “We found underwear between the sheets and a pair of handcuffs.” “What were they thinking? This is a little girl’s room.”

In her own bedroom the scene was little different. The walls were covered in black marks and there was evidence of group sex.

“There were six people in there having sex at one time. We feel totally violated.”

Traces of cocaine, marijuana and alcohol bottles littered the house and the family estimates it will cost thousands of dollars to clean up.

But Gemma, who drank to excess and passed out at 7:30pm is not repentant. While she has gone into hiding she has managed to post comments about the party on her Bebo site.

“Yeahh it (the party) went wrong but it was well good. . . I mean it was f****** good,” she wrote.

“My mother thought it would teach me a lesson by putting it in the papers. . . all thats dne is make everyone go ‘wow ur party made the front page’ . . . i meann it wasssss goooodddd. . . and my mums a t*** nehowww. . .”

Mrs Anscomb said she was shocked that her girl could have caused such a mess. She told the Daily Mail Gemma had always been a straight A student.

“The whole house was wrecked from top to bottom,” she told the Daily Mail.

“I was absolutely fuming. I just couldn’t believe Gemma would do something like this. She phoned me on the day after the party and said sorry, but I was so angry I put the phone down on her.

“What made me more angry was that she refused to come home and face the music and help with the clear-up.”

“Gemma insists she is the victim because the party was invaded by gatecrashers. I appreciate that she didn’t intend for things to get out of hand, but the fact remains that she had a party behind my back and advertised it on the internet.

“She lied and now she has to face the consequences.

“I have done everything I can to bring her up properly. But I must have gone wrong somewhere.”


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