Teen Girl Accused of Pimping Friends

DALLAS, TX — A teenager in Dallas is accused of luring her friends into prostitution.

The suspect is only 13 years old.

Police say the girl worked at Club Metropolis where she enticed her friends with the promise of money to dance and sell their bodies for sex.

Investigators say there is a huge demand for young girls. Authorities recently found a 12-year-old girl dancing naked in a nightclub.


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2 Responses to “Teen Girl Accused of Pimping Friends”

  1. laiconna Says:

    Children are learning very young how to be bimbo’s. I can’t imagine a 12 year old girl dancing nude in a club and the owner not knowing she was underage. The club owner as well as the customers who have had contact with her should be thrown in jail for a long, long time.

  2. ladyteacher Says:

    Sad, but not very surprising, unfortunately. I am a middle school teacher (8th grade Language Arts) and have had the dubious privilege of intercepting and finding serious, sexually explicit notes written by my female students. Let me tell you, the adult porn industry has nothing on these kids!

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