The G-spot Shot

G Spot ShotClearwater, FL — If someone told you they could give you a shot to improve your sex life, would you take it?

Thousands of women all over the United States are having collagen injected into a highly sensitive, hidden body part that most men and some women can’t even find.

It’s been talked about, written about, mentioned on television shows and debated endlessly. Now, women are doing it and finding results that make them want to have sex over and over again.

It’s the G-spot shot.

Clearwater gynecologist Dr. Jennifer Hayes is the only physician on the west coast of Florida to perform the procedure at the Visionary Centre for Women in Clearwater.

The procedure for the G-shot is simple and only takes 15 minutes from start to finish.

She’s had the injection herself and says it’s worth it.

With a huge grin, Dr. Hayes leaned forward on her desk and clasped her hands, almost as if she was letting us in on a big secret saying, “Afterwards, it totally did what I wanted it to do, kicked it up a notch! I wasn’t sure if I could kick it up a notch, but it did.”

Women who are interested have a million questions: How does it work? Does the shot hurt? How long does it last?

Here’s some answers:

The shot works through an injection of collagen that goes directly into the G-spot and enlarges it, making it extremely sensitive during orgasm.

It doesn’t hurt, according to Dr. Hayes, because she places Lidocaine on the spot to numb it. The results can last up to four months, and the patient can engage in sexual activity within four hours of getting the shot. There is no downtime.

Just ask Alison Wright. She is a changed woman after the G-shot.

Alison explained what it did for her, “What the g-shot does is, it inflames that area, actually makes it bigger with the product they put in it. It just makes it last longer. You can have it easier, more of them.”

We met Ali at Dr. Hayes office one afternoon. She smiled and laughed openly as we asked some pretty private questions about her sex life.

For instance, why did she want to do this? Did it actually work? Did her orgasms get better with the G-shot?

She grinned and gave us her answer, “It definitely feels different once you do have the orgasm, which is a lot faster to have and lasts a lot longer!”

She says she couldn’t wait to have sex after the first shot. After that, she wanted to do it again and again.

But, there’s a catch.

You have to know where your G-spot is in order for the shot to work. Dr. Hayes tells all of her patients that this isn’t a cure-all or a fix. It’s an enhancement. In fact, she will not give the shot to a woman who doesn’t know where the G-spot is.

Dr. Hayes sees it as a way for a woman to express herself sexually and feel better about herself during what she calls one of the most natural and healthy acts a woman can have. “I want to inspire others and be inspired by them,” she said. “And our sex life is a big piece of that.”

So, how in the world did someone come up with this shot?

Dr. David Matlock, a gynecologist in Los Angeles, not only came up with the idea, but he patented a special needle that fits a woman’s curves for the injection.

Dr. Hayes became friends with Dr. Matlock during frequent visits to the west coast. The more she talked about the procedure with him, the more she wanted to offer it in the Bay area.

Dr. Matlock calls the G-shot a perfect marriage of gynecology and plastic surgery. Dr. Matlock’s mission statement is, “Everything I do in my practice is to empower women with knowledge.”

The G-spot shot has not been shown to have any adverse effects on patients who have had it. Out of all of the women Dr. Hayes has given it to, only two patients have said it didn’t work for them.

The shot is not covered by insurance and costs $1,800.

Ali added, “It’s very different from anything I’ve ever had before. I loved it and can’t wait to have it again.”


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