Women Turn to Brothel Business in Slow Economy

Brothel LadyLas Vegas — While the economy is hurting most industries, it’s keeping the brothel industry alive.

Brothel owners say that success is attractive to many women who are out of a job.

“Every sector of the economy, the auto workers, the big insurance companies, wall street. We are getting a lot of people from nyc who are want to come to work,” said brothel owner Dennis Hof.

The Bunny Ranch isn’t the only place seeing an increase in applications.

Over at Wild Horse and Mustang Ranch, the madam says they have 30 to 40 percent increase in women looking for jobs.

Sunny Lane, who works at the Bunny Ranch, says she left the adult film industry in Los Angeles because it was starting to fail and now she can make money at the ranch.

“Money plays the biggest decision in a lot of people’s lives. For me, this is the right decision. It brings Sunny Lane Enterprise and the Bunny Ranch together,” said Lane.

Airforce Amy has been in the industry for 19 years and works at the Bunny Ranch.

She says she is beginning to see a change in the girls.

“What I do see change are ladies with great education and masters degrees, women from all different walks of life. It’s a lot different than 20 years ago when it was just a street hooker from under the bridge,” said Amy.

The world’s oldest profession is seeing a lot of new changes but it’s also surviving in a tough economic world.

Vegas strip clubs say they’re also seeing more ladies turning in applications for work, as much as a 15% increase in recent months.

Managers also tell us they’re seeing a new demographic looking for work.

More applicants have a college education and are older.


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