Best celebrity sex scenes from film #2

Sharon StoneI brought you a few links earlier on in my first page about sex in the cinema, and today I will bring you a whole lot more. Alot of great scenes of women exposing themselves for all to enjoy on film. Many up and coming actresses find that is in a avenue for further advancement in the careers, and thankfully so. After this page, I might try and find some of the best from television as well. Also please feel free to post links to other scenes you may enjoy.

Heather Graham & Bridget Moynahan, Gray Matters

Alsion Lohman & Rachel Blanchard, Where The Truth Lies

Angelina Jolie, Various
MC(1), MC(2), MC(3)

Dominique Swain & James King

Gina Gershon, Various
MC(1), MC(2), MC(3)

Julianne Moore, Boogie Nights

Kate Winslet, Little Children

Mena Suvari, Stuck

Michelle Williams & Chloe Sevigway, If These Walls Could Talk Two

Neve Campbell, When Will I Be Loved

Piper Perabo & Jessica Pare Dans, Lost And Delirious

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Various
MC(1), MC(2)

Sharon Stone, Various
MC(1), MC(2), MC(3)

Tara Reid, Body Shots

Hope you enjoyed these, and don’t forget to check out the first page of sex in the cinema.

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