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Team of Sexy Housekeepers Cleaning Up Florida


Miami, Florida – They’re the housekeepers men dream about, and now they’re reality.

“You’re enjoying the view, you’re enjoying the cleaning,” said Nina Torres.

That’s the concept that motivated Torres to start Edan’s Maids R’ Us, a team of sexy housekeepers that service South Florida. “They actually clean, I can guarantee you that,” said Torres.

The website specifically explains it is not an escort service.

“No, we are 100 percent house cleaners, we clean your house, we organize, we cook we do laundry, nothing else,” Torres said.

Edan’s maids charge $60 per hour with a two hour minimum.

But before you call, you can go online and access their menu of maids. They have 15 total and you can choose which one comes to your house.

When you click on a maid, it shows their stats, including height, weight, age, ethnicity, even measurements.

“It’s like a restaurant, in a way” said Frances, one of Edan’s Maids. “You get to choose the plate that you want.”

“Someone yesterday said it’s so hard to choose just one,” Torres proudly explained. “They said they love them all, just give me the best.”

Edan’s maids go out on jobs alone, but Torres screens customers on the phone and has every girl call when they arrive and leave to make sure they’re safe.

“If somebody ever tries to be fresh, I mean you have to tell them this isn’t what it is, I’m sorry if you must have a misunderstanding,” Frances said.

So far, Torres said there hasn’t been a single problem and her maids often spend time just chatting with customers who are looking for company.

“It’s like a partner for a little bit, it’s a friend, somebody to spend time with and have fun with,” Frances said.

So, if your house is really dirty, this might not be your best bet, but, if you’ve got some chores that need to be done and you want a sexy show at the same time, Edan’s Maids R’ Us are for you.


New Spill-Proof Martini Glass Hits The Bar Scene


Dallas, Texas – Whether shaken or stirred, dry or dirty, one issue always floats to the top when you order a martini: It’s not exactly the easiest drink to keep in its glass.

Renee Williams saw a problem and came up with a solution.

“I was at a girls night out and we were mingling and just having fun and I kept hearing requests for napkins and paper towels and the reason was because they were spills,” she explains. “It really just popped into my head and I was like ok, I know what I can do.”

Renee created her own martini glass.

She calls it “Sipatiniz”.

It’s designed with a lip to keep the liquid inside and a hole for a little straw.

“It just cuts down on that basic slosh when you’re mingling around and talking with your hands and the things we do,” Renee explains.

They’re now available in more than 100 retail stores across the country.

* If you don’t want to spill your martini, USE A DIFFERENT GLASS! Not sure why people have to use a martini glass for martinis. It’s only a look, imho.


86yr Old Canadian Hockey Stick To Be Auctioned


Montreal, Quebec – An 86-year-old wooden hockey stick signed by Canada’s original Olympic championship squad in 1924 is to be sold at auction in the coming weeks.

“It’s a very unique piece and a fantastic part of Canadian hockey history,” Marc Juteau, president of Classic Auctions in Quebec, told AFP.

With the Winter Games taking place now in Vancouver, Juteau said he expects a bidding frenzy at the March 16 auction that will also feature hundreds of items from a century of sport.

The Spalding stick, signed along the shaft and blade along with the message “With best thanks,” was discovered in the early 1990s in a Toronto basement with unknown links to the team.

The Toronto Granites were Canada’s top amateur club in 1924 and represented the nation at the first modern Olympics, outscoring their opponents 110 to three in five games.

Canada would go on to win hockey gold at five of the first six Olympic hockey tournaments, before a 50-year drought set in between 1952 and 2002.

Three players from Canada’s 1924 Olympic squad were later inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Hundreds of hockey jerseys, pucks, trophies and other memorabilia are also on the auction block.

Early online bids start at less than 500 dollars (468 US dollars) for a stick signed by hockey great Wayne Gretzky or a Winnipeg Jets jersey.

Yvan Cournoyer’s red Team Canada uniform worn at the 1972 Canada versus Russia Summit Series, a US men’s ice hockey gold medal from the “Miracle on Ice” 1980 Lake Placid Games when a young US team upset the powerhouse Soviet national team, and the actual puck shot by American Mark Johnson to tie the game 2-2 are expected to fetch much more.

Another hockey stick said to date back to 1850s Ontario, meanwhile, is also to be sold at a separate auction on February 28. It is currently on display in Vancouver.

The so-called Rutherford Stick was previously sold to a Canadian collector in 2006 for 1.9 million dollars (1.78 million US).


US Man Says Marijuana Is Sacred Part Of His Religion, Drug Charge Violates His Rights


Avon, Colorado – A U.S. man who claims marijuana is the main sacrament of his religion says a drug charge against him means he’s being prosecuted for his beliefs.

Trevor Douglas of the state of Colorado says he belongs to the Hawaii-based THC Ministry but was cited for marijuana possession after a state police officer pulled him over for having an expired license plate. The 25-year-old allegedly had less than an ounce of marijuana and a pipe.

Douglas told the Vail Daily newspaper that his religion is similar to Christianity and that the use of pot is sacred to him just like wine and bread are sacred to Christians.

According to its Web site, THC Ministry has offices in Los Angeles, Montana and Colorado.


US Detectives Leave ‘Ransom Note’ For Seized Pot; Suspected Grower Arrested After Calling


Marathon, Fla. – Investigators in the Florida Keys say they lured a suspected marijuana grower into turning himself in by leaving a ransom note in place of six seized pot plants.

The sheriff’s office in Monroe County says detectives discovered the plants in a wooded lot and confiscated them.

They left a phone number on a note that read: “Thanks for the grow! You want them back? Call for the price.”

Steven Alan Locasio called the number about 10 minutes later. Locasio offered $200 for the plants, and detectives agreed to meet him for an exchange.

Locasio was arrested and booked into jail on drug charges. He was expected to appear in court Tuesday. It’s unclear if he already has an attorney.

A telephone message left for Locasio was not immediately returned.


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