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Dude on Price IS Right bids 420

2012, Feb 8th

Best part is he loses by $1.


2009, May 20th



Calif. Video Game Law Ruled Unconstitutional

2009, Feb 26th

Video GamesLos Angeles, Calif. – A U.S. appeals court ruled Friday that a California law restricting the sales and rental of violent video games to minors and imposing labeling requirements is too restrictive and violates free speech guarantees.

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that the labeling requirement unfairly forces video games to carry “the state’s controversial opinion” about which games are violent.

The unanimous opinion by a three-judge panel could have a far-reaching impact on efforts by other states to establish mandatory video game labeling requirements.

The court upheld a lower court finding that California lawmakers failed to produce evidence that violent video games cause psychological or neurological harm to children.


Five Ballpark Promotions That Went Wrong

2007, Jul 28th

Cleveland Municipal Stadium, 1974

The Promotion: 10-Cent Beer Night. To bring fans to see the miserable Cleveland Indians, management decided to sell 10-ounce cups of beer for only 10 cents at a game against the Texas Rangers.

What went wrong: Management forgot one small detail: drunk people get restless. More than 25,000 fans showed up for the event, most of them already tipsy at the gate. Among the more tame incidents was a woman who flashed the crowd from the on-deck circle, a father-son team mooning the players (good bonding experience, I guess) and fans jumping on the field to meet shake hands with the outfielders. Then, in the bottom of the ninth, the Indians tied the game, but never got a chance to win. Fans started throwing batteries, golf balls, cups and rocks onto the field and one even took the glove of the Rangers right fielder. As the player rushed into the stands to get his glove back, fans starting swarming the field to stop him and threw chairs to block his way.

The Outcome: The Indians were forced to forfeit the game and nine fans were arrested. The AL president forced the franchise to abandon the promotion idea after understating “There was no question that beer played a great part in the affair.”

Cash drop night, All-you-can-eat seat night, and more bad ideas after the break.


PS2 Still Most Played Game Console

2007, Jul 27th

PS2 White Despite the war of words going on over next-generation game console sales, not much has changed when it comes to which device is actually being played most. According to Nielsen GamePlay Metrics, the PlayStation 2 still accounts for 42 percent of game use in the US.

The original Xbox holds a distant second place with 17 percent, while the new Xbox 360 is played by 8 percent of households. Behind the Xbox 360 is Nintendo’s GameCube at 5.8 percent. Although it may be bringing in major revenue for Nintendo, the Wii accounts for only 4 percent of video game use. Sony’s PlayStation 3 trails far behind at 1.5 percent. Nielsen used a sample of 12,000 U.S. households with around 33,000 individuals to accumulate its figures for June.


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