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US Man Says Marijuana Is Sacred Part Of His Religion, Drug Charge Violates His Rights

2010, Mar 14th

Avon, Colorado – A U.S. man who claims marijuana is the main sacrament of his religion says a drug charge against him means he’s being prosecuted for his beliefs.

Trevor Douglas of the state of Colorado says he belongs to the Hawaii-based THC Ministry but was cited for marijuana possession after a state police officer pulled him over for having an expired license plate. The 25-year-old allegedly had less than an ounce of marijuana and a pipe.

Douglas told the Vail Daily newspaper that his religion is similar to Christianity and that the use of pot is sacred to him just like wine and bread are sacred to Christians.

According to its Web site, THC Ministry has offices in Los Angeles, Montana and Colorado.


Fake ‘No Parking’ Signs Fool Tarpon Springs Police, Who Write 233 Tickets Near Tarpon Turtle Restaurant

2009, May 31st

No ParkingTarpon Springs ­ Police blame a local developer for installing “no parking” signs around a popular city restaurant that resulted in 233 tickets being written in a two-year span.

At the same time, acting Tarpon Springs police Chief Robert Kochen acknowledged his department’s failure to properly handle the matter in 2007.

“We messed up,” Kochen said. “We did not look at this thing like we should have.”

In a 23-page report released this week, Kochen said developer Mike Bronson admitted recently to installing the signs along the city’s right of way after initially denying it.

“Mike Bronson advised that back around April of 2006 he installed all of the 22 signs due to the parking problems caused by customers of the Tarpon Turtle,” Kochen wrote in the report.

Bronson could not be reached for comment.


Swiss Canton Bans Nude Hiking

2009, May 20th

Appenzell, Switzerland – Hikers will no longer be able to stroll naked through the idylic Alpine countryside of Appenzell Innerrhoden after the conservative Swiss canton banned nude walking there.

Appenzell Innerrhoden has become hugely popular for naked ramblers due to its tranquil, picture-perfect meadows and valleys. But the hordes offended Appenzellers’ sensitivities and they voted Sunday to order them to cover up.

“It’s ridiculous that Appenzell is getting an international reputation for such a despicable habit,” said Peter Schmid, who turned up bearing the canton’s traditional long sword to vote against nude hiking at the annual open-air Landsgemeinde.

The Landsgemeide is a popular assembly that takes place in Appenzell town on the last Sunday of April. Participants vote by raising hands to decide on local issues, a privilege reserved to men only until women were admitted in 1990.

Between 3,000 and 4,000 voters, many wearing traditional robes, turned up at this year’s Landsgemeinde.

The canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden started earlier this year to take steps to rein in what the local justice and police department called “immoral habits.”


Women In Copenhagen Can Now Swim And Walk Around In Public Pools Without Their Bikini Tops

2008, Apr 12th

Feminism some men may argue, has its downsides – particularly when it means they have to share the housework.

But few would protest against the latest victory for women’s rights.

The decision is the result of a year-long campaign by a pressure group, the Topless Front, which says women should be treated the same as bare-chested men.

Campaign leader Astrid Vang, 20, who took her shirt off with others to protest at a leisure centre at Christmas, said: “We women would like to decide by ourselves when our breasts should be sexual and when not.

“In swimming pools they should not and that is why the breasts should not be covered – We will bathe topless just like men.”


Official Web Site Hacked Over Porn Ban

2008, Mar 29th

JAKARTA – Hackers have defaced the Web site of Indonesia’s information ministry in response to a government move to restrict access to pornographic material on the Internet, an official said on Friday.

Indonesia’s parliament on Tuesday passed a new information bill that criminalizes the transmission of pornographic material on the Web.

The Southeast Asian country has had a vigorous debate over pornography in recent years, exposing deep divisions in the Muslim-majority nation.

Hackers on Thursday posted a message on the information ministry’s Web site (http:/ saying: “Prove that the law has not been made to cover government stupidity.”

The message was accompanied by a mocked-up photograph of a local information technology expert, who has been advising the government on the new law, depicted with a bare chest.

Screenshots of the hacked page were posted on the news Web site and a cyber chat forum.

The message had been removed and the Web site was now running normally, said Gatot Broto, an official at the ministry.

The ministry said the law was a response to concerns in society about the negative impact of pornographic and violent sites as more Indonesians gain access to the Internet.

Under the law, anyone found guilty of transmitting pornographic material, false news or racial and religious hate messages on the Internet could face up to six years in prison or a fine of 1 billion rupiah ($109,000).

Indonesia’s parliament has yet to pass a controversial pornography bill, which aims to shield the young from pornographic material and lewd acts.

Earlier draft versions contained provisions that could jail people for kissing in public and criminalize many forms of art or traditional culture that hinge on sensuality, sparking criticism it could curb freedoms and hurt Indonesia’s tolerant tradition.


Polish Party Posts Nude Posters For Upcoming Election

2007, Oct 4th

Poland Political PartyWarsaw – A new Polish women’s political party risks shocking the majority Catholic country by plastering nude posters of their female candidates for the upcoming October 21 parliamentary election.

Seven women, including Women’s Party (Partia Kobiet, PK) founder and president, writer Manuela Gretkowska, have launched their campaign with nude posters of themselves with the logo “The Party of Women. Poland is a Woman” masking their private parts.

The poster also incorporates their electoral slogan: “Everything for the future… and nothing to hide.”

“This poster is intended to shatter stereotypes in the anachronistic world of politics, which is more often dominated by uncommunicative men with their black tie outfits,” Gretkowska told AFP.

“We are beautiful, nude, proud. We are true and sincere, body and soul. This is not pornography, there is nothing to see in terms of sex, our faces are intelligent, concerned, proud. We do not have our mouths open nor our eyes closed,” she said.


420 Temple Leader Seeks Religious Protection

2007, Jul 28th

LOS ANGELES – Jury selection is scheduled to begin tomorrow in the Los Angeles trial of a minister of a Hollywood church that uses marijuana during services.

The Reverend Craig X Rubin, leader of the 420 Temple, argued in a court hearing that marijuana is a religious sacrament and its usage in his church is protected under federal law.

But the judge ruled that Rubin could not use the federal law as a defense because he faces only state charges.

Rubin, who is representing himself, told the judge he would file a writ challenging the ruling and would consider a plea deal if it stands.

Rubin was arrested last fall and freed after posting $20,000 bail.

He faces up to seven years in prison if convicted of possessing marijuana for sale.


Porn Stars Protest Porn Tax

2007, Apr 26th

Sacramento, CA — Porn stars bared their feelings about a proposed “porn tax” Monday at California’s capitol.

The adult-entertainment performers joined Mary Carey, who has been featured in more than 60 XXX films, and has also run for governor twice, to protest the tax.

The fee on live dancers, videos, DVDs and men’s clubs would support an “adult entertainment venue impact fund.”

Opponents say it would drive customers away from California’s $3 to $4 billion a year adult industry.


A Terrifying Message From Al Gore [Video]

2007, Apr 3rd

Was looking for one of my favorite clips from Futurama on YouTube when I can across this little skit. It’s a message from Al Gore about global warming, relating to his recent movie An Inconvenient Truth. Bender from Futurama makes an appearance adding his crude social commentary to Al Gore’s message. Quite humorous.

No Pot On Passover

2007, Apr 1st


In bad news for its religious Jewish supporters, Israel’s pro-marijuana party announced Tuesday that pot is forbidden on Passover.

Cannabis is among the substances Jews are forbidden to consume during the week-long festival, which begins Monday, said Michelle Levine, a spokeswoman for the Green Leaf party.

Biblical laws prohibit eating leavened foods during Passover, replacing bread with flat crackers called matza. Later injunctions by European rabbis extended those rules to forbid other foods like beans and corn, and more recent rulings have further expanded the ban to include hemp seeds, which today are found in some health oils – and in marijuana.

Green Leaf is a small political party that supports the legalization of marijuana. Although it is by no means a Jewish religious authority, the group decided to warn its observant supporters away from the drug on Passover.

“You shouldn’t smoke marijuana on the holiday, and if you have it in your house you should get rid of it,” Levine said.

But not everyone needs to give up their habit for the duration of the festival. The rabbinic injunctions banning hemp were never adopted by Sephardic Jews, who come from countries in the Middle East and North Africa. That means there is no reason they can’t keep smoking marijuana, Levine said, except that it remains illegal, despite her party’s best efforts.

Green Leaf contested the last three national elections but never won a seat, despite gaining popularity as a protest vote. Levine, who herself is from a religious family, said that the party has a large number of religious supporters. When her party is elected to the Knesset, she said, the religious MKs will be the first to support a bill proposing legalizing the sale of marijuana in coffee shops.

“Logic dictates that if the rabbis ruled that cannabis is forbidden during Passover – it apparently considered kosher the rest of the year. God created the flora and fauna so that man may enjoy them. And unlike many other things – God did not forbid the use of cannabis,” she said.


It’s Been An ‘All Out War’ On Pot Smokers For 35 Years

2007, Mar 25th

Since 1972, U.S. taxpayers have spent well over $20 billion enforcing criminal marijuana laws and 16.5 million people have been arrested. It’s time to put an end to this waste.

Thirty-five years ago this month, a congressionally mandated commission on U.S. drug policy did something extraordinary: They told the truth about marijuana.

On March 22, 1972, the National Commission on Marihuana (sic) and Drug Abuse — chaired by former Pennsylvania Gov. Raymond P. Shafer — recommended Congress amend federal law so that the use and possession of pot would no longer be a criminal offense. State legislatures, the commission added, should do likewise.

“The criminal law is too harsh a tool to apply to personal possession even in the effort to discourage use,” concluded the commission, which included several conservative appointees of then-President Richard Nixon. “It implies an overwhelming indictment of the behavior, which we believe is not appropriate. The actual and potential harm of use of the drug is not great enough to justify intrusion by the criminal law into private behavior, a step which our society takes only with the greatest reluctance.

“… Therefore, the commission recommends … [that the] possession of marihuana for personal use no longer be an offense, [and that the] casual distribution of small amounts of marihuana for no remuneration, or insignificant remuneration, no longer be an offense.”

Ambassador Recalled For Conduct Unbecoming

2007, Mar 14th

Jerusalem – Israel has recalled its ambassador in El Salvador after he was found drunk and naked with sex toys lying nearby in the yard of his official residence, Israeli media reports said on Monday.

A foreign ministry spokeswoman confirmed that the ambassador, Tsuriel Raphael, was recalled but offered no details. “The ministry sees his behavior as unbecoming of a diplomat,” the spokeswoman said.

Israeli media reported that local police found Raphael in the yard of the official residence in San Salvador. The reports said he was drunk, naked, and bound and gagged with a rubber ball in his mouth and sex toys lying near him.

The foreign ministry spokeswoman said the incident took place two weeks ago.

“As soon as the episode was brought to attention of the foreign ministry it reacted and the ambassador was recalled to Israel. He is going to remain in Israel,” she said.

Israel would seek another ambassador in El Salvador, an Israeli official said.


Female Protester Bears All

2007, Mar 14th

A Peruvian model has been arrested in Lima after stripping her clothes off during a demonstration to call attention to territorial disputes between Lima and Chile. Peruvian model Reina Loo protested against Chile by stripping her clothes off, painting the Chilean flag on her body and jumping into a fountain in Lima.

Loo frolicked in the fountain for some 15 minutes as photographers and members of the media snapped pictures until police arrested her.

The model hopes to draw attention to an ongoing dispute between Peru and Chile regarding disputed territory as well as maritime boundaries.

And as a bonus, there is a video of her at Reuters!

Robot Chicken’s Lil’ Hitler

2007, Feb 25th

Being a huge fan of Robot Chicken I just had to post this. One of my favorite skits for sure. Enjoy!

It’s not my problem!

Edited: Better video

Seal hunt foes get naked, dirty outside Canadian PM’s office

2007, Feb 25th

Naked animal rights activists braved frigid temperatures to protest Canada’s annual seal hunt, curling up in the snow outside Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office to make their point.

Three bare women soaked in red dye posed as slaughtered seals for almost an hour, attracting abashed glances from passers-by as strong winds pushed temperatures below minus 15 degrees Celsius (five degrees Fahrenheit).

“They’re very dedicated. They know that sometimes you have to go outside your comfort zone to raise awareness,” Matt Rice, a spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), told AFP.

“This slaughter is a stain on Canada’s reputation. It’s time the Canadian government finally end the hunt once and for all.”

The prime minister’s office had no immediate comment.

Last year, the hunt attracted protests from celebrities such as former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and his wife, Heather Mills McCartney; French film legend Brigitte Bardot; and Canadian-born actress and former Playboy model Pamela Anderson.

But their protests have largely been ignored by Ottawa, which authorized the cull of 325,000 seals in 2006.

Canadian officials, including Harper, have rebuked the naysayers previously, claiming the hunt is humane and does not threaten the species.

Local supporters of the commercial hunt, meanwhile, have lamented the arrival each March or April of dozens of activists and celebrities to criticize the hunt.


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